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Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. FU Shula  was  appointed  as  an  independent  non-executive  Director  of  our  Company  in  April  2019.  He  is  a  member of  the audit committee, the remuneration committee and the nomination committee of    our Company. From 1984 to 2015,  Mr.  Fu  held  various  senior  positions  in  Aviation  Industry  Corporation  of China, Ltd. (“AVIC”), including President of China National Aero-Technology  Import  and Export  Corporation,  Deputy Chief Economist of AVIC,  Chairman  and  President  of  AVIC  International  Holding  Corporation,  Chairman of AVIC Aero-Engine Holding Corporation and Chairman  of  AVIC  Economics  &  Technology  Research Establishment. Currently, he  is  an  independent non-executive director of  BOC  Aviation Limited (a  company listed  on the Stock Exchange, stock code: 2588). Mr. Fu graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University with a master’s degree in aero engine design in 1984.

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