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Vice President

Ms. PENG Wei is our Vice  President  principally  in  charge  of  our  research  and  development,  production and operation of medicines. Ms. Peng is also a director and the  legal  representative  of  some subsidiaries of our Group. Ms. Peng joined our Group  in  October  2017  and  has  more  than  30  years  of  experience in the  pharmaceutical industry. Between 1995  and  October 2012,  she  held various senior positions in  The United Laboratories International Holdings Limited (a company listed on the Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  3933), including vice chairman, executive director and general manager. Ms. Peng founded Zhongshan Wanhan     and Wanyuan, which were acquired by our Group in October 2017. She graduated  from  the  Department  of Medicine of Xi’an Medical University in 1983  and  obtained  an  Executive  MBA  degree  from  Lingnan  College  of Sun Yat-Sen University in 2006.

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