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Besunyen Holdings Company Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a big health enterprise group in the People's Republic of China (the “PRC”), engaging in the research and development, production, sale and promotion of therapeutic teas, weight-loss medicines and other relevant products. The Group's offline channels cover 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and products are sold through 35 online platforms.

Beijing Outsell Health Product Development Co., Ltd. (“Outsell Health”) under the Group is the largest therapeutic tea enterprise in the PRC, which has launched Besunyen Detox Tea ( 碧生源牌常潤茶), Besunyen Slimming Tea (碧生源牌常菁茶) and Besunyen Fit Tea (碧生源牌纖纖茶) (collectively, the “Three Teas”) and other series of therapeutic tea products successively for more than 20 years. The production base of Outsell Health is located in Fangshan District, Beijing. Its production plant and production process are in compliance with the national GMP standards, and the products of Outsell Health have passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO22000 and HACCP. As a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, Outsell Health has the C24 tea bag high-speed machine introduced from IMA, an Italian company, allowing inner and outer part of a bag shaped up at the same time and completing the bag production process automatically. Outsell Health uses natural Chinese herbs and tea leaves as raw materials to research, develop, formulate and produce its products, providing safe, effective, convenient-to-use and affordable health products for those who have needs in aspects such as laxative and weight management or who are mildly affected by such problems.

Zhongshan Wanhan Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (“Zhongshan Wanhan”) and Zhongshan Wanyuan New Medicine Research and Development Co., Ltd. (“Zhongshan Wanyuan”, together “Zhongshan Wanhan and Wanyuan”), subsidiaries of the Group, are mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and preparations including Orlistat weight-loss capsules, Oseltamivir and eye drops. The production plant and production process of Zhongshan Wanhan are in compliance with the national GMP standards. It has a sound quality management system as well as software and hardware facilities that meet the demands of medicine research, development and production. Zhongshan Wanhan is also equipped with various production lines for medicines in different dosage forms, including hard capsule and film agent, and is capable of producing APIs. Zhongshan Wanhan and Wanyuan have passed the certification of intellectual property management system, and are intellectual property demonstration enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.

Henan Xueyinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Xueyinghua”), a subsidiary of the Group, is located in Zhoukou, Henan Province. Its production plant and production process are in compliance with the national GMP standards. Xueyinghua is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sale of products in three main dosage forms, namely soft capsules, hard capsules and tablets, including Xinnaoqing soft capsules, garlic oil soft capsules and compound vitamin U capsules, all of which are innovative medicines. It currently owns a total of 53 medicine approvals.

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