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Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. ZHAO Yihong is our co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive  Officer  and  was  appointed  as  an  executive Director of the Company  in  August  2009.  Mr.  Zhao  is  also  a  member  of  the  remuneration  committee  and the nomination committee of the Company and a director and the legal representative of various subsidiaries of the Group. Mr. Zhao is primarily responsible for our Group’s overall strategic planning and the management of our Group’s business. Mr. Zhao established  Beijing  Outsell  in  2000  and  embarked  on  the  business  of  production  and sale of therapeutic tea products, and has played a vital role in the development of our Group. Mr. Zhao has 26 years of  experience  in  food  and  beverage  industry  in  the  PRC.  Between  1988  and  1991,  Mr.  Zhao  has  served as an officer at the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Grain of the Shandong Province. Between 1991 and 2000, Mr. Zhao served in various positions, including a sales and a vice manager, responsible  for  the  beverage  business  in  the  Northern China region, at Ting  Hsin  International  Group,  a  food  conglomerate  in  the  PRC.  Mr.  Zhao  graduated  from  China  Coal  Economic  College,  now  known  as  Shandong  Institute  of  Business  and  Technology,  in  1988  with   a bachelor’s degree in economics. He completed the China New Entrepreneur Development Program, a joint program sponsored by the  Enterprise  Research  Institution,  DRC-ERI  and  the  Stanford  Center  for  Professional  Development, in 2006 and obtained an executive master of business administration degree  from  The  Hong  Kong  University  of  Science and Technology in 2012. Mr. Zhao is currently a council member and an adjunct professor of  Shandong  University of Science and Technology. Mr. Zhao is the spouse of Ms. Gao Yan, our  Vice  Chairman  and  executive  Director.

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