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Non-Executive Director

Mr. ZHUO Fumin was appointed as a non-executive Director of the Company in October 2009. Mr. Zhuo is also a director of various subsidiaries of the Group. Mr. Zhuo has more than 41 years of experience in the field of enterprise management and capital markets. Mr. Zhuo  has  been  serving  as  a  management  partner  of  GGV  Capital, a venture  capital  fund,  since  2008.  Between  1987  and  1995,  Mr.  Zhuo  served  senior  positions  including  an office head and an officer assistant of the  Shanghai  Economic System Reform Committee.  Between  1995  and  2002, Mr. Zhuo held in turn various senior positions at Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd., including the chief executive officer and the vice chairman of Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited (a company listed on the Stock Exchange, stock code: 363) and the chairman and an executive director of SIIC Medical Science and Technology (Group) Limited, a medical company. From 2002  to  2005,  Mr.  Zhuo  was  the  chairman  and  the  chief  executive  officer of Vertex China Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary  of  Vertex  Management  Group,  a  global  venture capital management company. In  2005,  Mr.  Zhuo  co-founded  SIG  Capital  Limited,  an  investment  fund  which focuses primarily on energy conservation, environmental protection and  healthcare  sectors.  Mr.  Zhuo  has  served  as  a  director  of  Grandhope  Biotech  Co.,  Ltd.  (a  company  listed  on  the  Shenzhen  Stock  Exchange, stock code:  300238)  and  an  independent  director  of  Focus  Media  Holding  Limited  (a  company  previously   listed   on   NASDAQ, stock code: FMCN). Mr. Zhuo  is  an  independent  director  of  China  Enterprise  Company  Limited  (a  company  listed  on  the  Shanghai  Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  600675),  Daqo  New  Energy  Corp.  (a  company  listed  on  the New  York  Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  DQ),  華東建築集團股份有限公司  (East  China  Architectural  Group  Co.,  Ltd.*, a  company  listed  on  the  Shanghai  Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  600629)  and  Hedy  Holding  Co.,  Ltd.  (a  company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 002027) and an independent non-executive director of  Shenwan  Hongyuan (H.K.) Limited (a company listed on  the  Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  218),  Sinopharm  Group  Co.  Ltd.  (a  company listed on the Stock Exchange, stock code: 1099)  and  SRE  Group  Limited  (a  company  listed  on  the  Stock  Exchange,  stock  code:  1207).  Mr.  Zhuo  graduated  from   Shanghai   Jiaotong   University of Engineering Science in 1983. He subsequently obtained a master’s degree in economics from Fudan University  in  1997.  Mr.  Zhuo  is  a  representative  of  Granite  Global  Ventures  III  L.L.C.,  a  substantial  shareholder  of  the Company.

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