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Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. HE Yuanping was appointed  as  an  independent  non-executive  Director  of  our  Company  in  October 2016.  He  is  the  chairman of the  audit committee and  a  member of  the  remuneration committee and  the nomination committee of our Company. Mr. He has years  of  experience  in  senior  operation  and  management, with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in investment and financing, business management, industrial operations, finance and other fields. Mr. He served as  a  director,  deputy  general  manager, chief financial officer and board secretary of  Beijing  OriginWater  Technology  Co.,  Ltd.  (a  company  listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 300070) (“Beijing OriginWater”)  from  June  2007  to  March  2018. He worked as a director,  deputy  general  manager  and chief  financial  officer  of  Beijing  OriginWater  Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (predecessor of  Beijing  OriginWater)  from  September  2005  to  June 2007. Mr. He worked as a deputy general manager and the chief investment officer  of  Beijing  Allianz Investment Co. Ltd. from April 2003 to August 2005. Currently, he  is  a  director  of  Wuhan  Sanzhen  Industry  Holding Co., Ltd. (a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 600168) and a non-executive  director of  Yunnan Water Investment Co., Limited (a  company listed on  the  Stock Exchange, stock code: 6839).   Mr. He has served as a  non-executive director of  Yingde Gases Group Company Limited (a  company previously  listed on the Stock Exchange, stock code: 2168).

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