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Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Wang Di is our Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Wang joined our Group in September 2021 and has many years of experience in capital operation, investment and finance management and financial management, etc. in large state-owned and private enterprises. Ms. Wang has served as the financial officer of Harbin Drawnwork Company of China Drawnwork Import and Export (Group) Co., the financial controller of Harbin KingSung Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd., the deputy director in the financial assets division of China National Chemical Engineering Co, Ltd., the financial controller and director of Sichuan Shengda Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. and the director of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation-Finance Co., Ltd. Ms. Wang graduated from Harbin Normal University in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in financial management and auditing. Ms. Wang is a certified tax agent and a senior accountant in China.

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